Considering going solo?

It's that time of year, when you're refreshed from a break and there's space in your brain to think and dream and some folk consider running their own business. 

Leaving the coop and flying solo sounds exciting and daunting all in one breath and while I was out running this morning I was thinking about all the positives which keep me going on my own.

Apparently, according to LinkedIn I've had my business for eight years; actually, it's been longer but lets work with that period. Over these years I've learnt to :

- work around my life, rather than my life works around my work - I choose the days and time I work and switch on and off

- avoid all distractions, concentrate and complete a piece of work - I can produce in three hours what used to take me 2 days in the corporte world

- map out my calendar 12 months ahead with fixed days I work, holidays, school requirements - I know when I am available to work and when I'm not

- group similar activities into one day e.g. meetings, to keep focused and save time - if I'm in the zone for one activity I continually review and improve 

- identify my best working times and times to avoid working - I can concentrate on the right thing or people at the right time

- value the people I select to be  in my network to talk with, share issues, ask questions - I know I'm not invincible and that the people in my life want to help me to be happy & successful

There are many negatives which can easily deflate your ego and enthusiasm so I choose not to think about these and concentrate my focus on the greater aspects of flying solo.

Time for some yummy breakfast - I've been on my run and completed 90 minutes of work!