What's happening in your village?

With all that is happening in the world today, it's easy to forget what's occurring in your own village. We are pushed to global matters by our fingertips, discussions consume our need to change and involve innovative and creative strategy - always considering our future in the big wide world.

After two weeks of family holiday in New Zealand it was lovely to return to my 'village' and settle back into the neighbourhood. My kids were delighted to be home to their stuff and friends and it didn't take long for hubby to get into the gardening and chat to all the passing neighbours.

I went for a run and checked out what had changed in a matter of 14 days: houses for sale, trees blossoming, littered poo bags (whinge!) and a 100+ golfers in a rainbow of colours!

Basking in all this familiarity I reflected on a speech made by a friend at the ceremony of his newspapers 135th Anniversary (NZs oldest) - local news is paramount and trumps global news …people appreciate knowing what's taking place around them - it helps them feel connected.

I believe that we're losing our sense of village life - some people I know don't know their neighbours' names, let alone if they are away or just quiet!  They tell me they're too busy or that they don't see them. Hmmm, excuses I say! 

So, what's happening in your village - where you live - where you belong? How connected are you with your social and community role in life?  And, what are you doing to help communicate and connect with the folk in your village?