Is there a ‘turning 50’ stigma?

Being totally honest and transparent I have to say I FEARED nearing & turning 50!

I’m unsure of what I was expecting to occur (overnight) but this concern had been brewing for five years – it was my Big Issue … the build up to having a five in front of the second digit of my age and, ticking the age bracket [50 – 55].

Now that I’ve arrived at 50 (I am still struggling to admit it), and the more I think about my issue I realise that my fear is associated with a stigma being ‘out of date’ or past the ‘use by date’.

Seriously, given all the talk, most of it Self-Talk, nothing has changed. From a business perspective, my phone still rings and emails arrive requesting meetings and pieces of work to be completed.

However, business aside, I have noticed that my face is changing. It is aging! I haven’t noticed much change in my body as I keep relatively fit, but lines, wrinkles and skin colour are evident. Maybe this vanity thing is the cause of my concern?

Given the self-analysis, exploration and realisation and particularly my interest to uncover answers, I’m now on a mission. It’s my new Big focus and potentially part of my business. Join me as I explore:

·         communicating effectively with the 50-70 year old ‘working’ market 

·         removing the stigma associated with leaving your forties

·         addressing the health issues associated with being a women in her fifties – yep, MENOPAUSE, Botox, Bones and the list continues

·         being fashionably focused and how to look and feel beautiful, and

·         identifying businesses, companies and organisations which are also on this mission!

Oh, the list should go on; this is only the beginning. I’ve been walking/running around with these thoughts for three months and now it’s time to get some movement. The fingers are on the keys, I’ve started sharing thoughts and asking questions with my inner network and I’m seeking ideas and issues from my greater network.

So, if there is a serious stigma associated with turning/being 50, let’s create a movement to eradicate it.