What we learnt from Robin Williams

Like most people in the world today, I was shocked, saddened and forced to read the many tributes to one of the most talented men I have encountered - Robin Williams.

We farewell a person from this earth who has taught us to have fun, to laugh loudly, to practise accents and voices and say "Nanu Nanu".

I want to thank him for the many things I've learnt from his approach which was consistent in all his interviews and movies:

Humour - when I work, no matter what subject or audience, I add humour to what I do. I'm not saying I'm funny but I lighten the load encouraging people to laugh and relax.

Don't take things too seriously - in every interview with Robin, he saw the funny side of the situation. He used a funny voice or mimicked an accent to halt you in your spot to see another side of the situation. Oh, how we can still learn from him on how to do that well.

Laugh out loud - whilst not all his movies were comedy, you knew when you watched a Robin Williams movie it was going to be a LOL experience. In a world of laughing deprived events occurring around us - it's nice to just LOL.

Be creative - I've used pieces of Robin Williams movies in my work, I've asked people to reflect on memorable snippits of episodes of Mork & Mindy but what I love to do is get people borrowing Robin's creative talent to take to their workplace.

Recreate yourself - yes, Mrs Doubtfire is one of my favorite movies - how easy it is to recreate yourself into another character - my learning here is that we can all change, not to the extent of Mrs Doubtfire, but it is achievable to break a habit and borrow better strengths to be more effective (or survive.)

RIP Robin Williams - you're at peace now and we are very sad - thanks a million.