Can you hear the sound of Learning?

My daughter has just commenced learning to play the Piano. It's gorgeous to listen to her learning. Her teacher is wonderfully engaging - asking great questions, demonstrating what she's seeking and praising her for the simple achievements she making.

I know Jennifer is learning when she answers the questions confidently - she understands what's been asked and what's expected. And, she's happy and comfortable to say "no" when she doesn't know or understand what's being asked.

There is a sound of learning: when the teacher, pupil and subject intersect respectfully and enthusiastically, it's a happy and productive noise.

In your workplace, you have at your disposal a multitude of learning options i.e. mediums, providers, people and generally you or many others are the 'students' that require a degree of new knowledge, skill and ability aka learning. However, it's the 'teacher' who when intersects this relationship will make the difference.

You will encourage the right sound if you:

  • understand how your student learns best - what's their key preference style
  • ask questions and tell information in the right ratio - dependent on the degree of learning
  • are tolerant, patient, and intent on the other person learning
  • praise, acknowledge and thank the student - identify the movement in their progress


Achieving the sweet spot in the Venn diagram are when all these actions are working seamlessly.

Go on, listen to the sound you're accountable for - can you hear it?