We Assume Leadership Experience Accompanies Seniority!

I recently worked with a group of people who are amazing technical experts in their trade and known as 'leaders' in their industry.

Their collective dilemma was that their seniority created the assumption that they were experienced leaders of people. Whilst they were great at influencing others they lacked the 'day to day' direct involvement of people matters requiring leadership. Their confidence to approach these matters needed bolstering.

Whilst this has been a rather simple solution to implement with this group, I'm always gobsmacked at the lack of awareness of these three easy and accessible leadership development opportunities:

Volunteering - give your time and expertise and the experience in return is priceless

Mentoring - be one or get one; discussions of experience are extremely effective and memorable

Colleague Coaching - turn a coffee break into a role-play - practise and ask for feedback

These three strategies always appear in my Leadership Program frameworks and best of all - they're generally free.