Have you considered that you have too many friends, colleagues & acquaintances?

In the days of Christmas Card writing, I would take the opportunity to Declutter my list. With over 250 on the list, it was good timing to review - who to let go and who to welcome on board. Whilst it may seem rude and ruthless, I found it a practical way to ensure I'm effectively managing my relationships.

I value relationships and I measure my contribution regularly - Have I communicated? Have I offered to arrange a catch-up? And, have we we met? Then, I measure the reciprocation! Whilst I am lenient with some, I can be ruthless with others! 

Like decluttering the wardrobe of clothes unworn for 12 months (my firm rule) it's time to move them on for others to enjoy and open the door for new frocks & folk into your life.

Relationships are a two-way activity - we can all value each other's contribution whether that's in a business context - introducing others into your network or a social context - welcoming new neighbours into your home.

I am the social butterfly and generally the one who arranges more events than others - I know that my circles of friends enjoy catching up - so this is my 'giving' to them - creating the opportunity to have fun reconnecting. 

And, I love to network. Throw me into the room and let me work the floor. I enjoy introducing people to each other, making people feel comfortable with the aim to establish a new relationship.

How about you use this second half of June to review your list of the folk in your life - it may prompt you to Declutter, opening some space for new folk to add value to your life or vice versa.