Red Boots

When I sat down to listen to Professor Dr Michael E Bernard talk about his subject of #Mindsets - I was immediately attracted to his Red Boots!

OK, for some, you're reacting with 'Big Deal' however I immediately engaged with this man as I built the image of a confident man who has one, got style, two, is so self aware that he's proud of himself and three, he was comfortable in his own skin (well, patent leather!)

So, being visual I kept looking at the boots, however the upside is I've been able to recall his information as I've linked it to the Red Boots. (I'll blog about the Mindsets another day.)

The key question is - What are your Red Boots? How do you help people recall your name, your information and actually remember you you are?

Do you: 

Carry an iconic item where ever you go? 

Wear flattering colouring and comfortable clothing that fits? 

Manicure your nails, style your locks and maintain your facial hair?

Wear fragrance and deodorant?

Use language which is complimentary and motivating? 

I know I'm being personal, however I meet so many people (and no doubt you do too) I need some help to remember you! Take some time and look at yourself in a full length mirror, or, better still, ask for feedback. It's all about being self aware - a must for leaders. Ask specifically "do I attract you or distract you in what I do & say" - that's a good start.  

Off I go shopping for a new work bag - something iconic!