An Exercise For Goal Setting

An Exercise For Goal Setting 

How regularly do you review your goals and determine if they are achieved?

I met with a client yesterday, the final session of a coaching contract relationship and it was fabulous to sit and listen to her review - she read through each goal and I heard “done” so many times!

Over ten months, each goal had been approached, planned, implemented, behaviour changed or strategized and feedback noted.

Whilst I’m blowing my trumpet, it highlights the role of a leader, mentor or coach in helping people, in a support capacity to work towards achieving their goals.

The first activity I ask my clients to do is start thinking of endings to these statements:

·         I wish I …

·         I’m hoping I ….

·         If I had the opportunity, I’d …

·         People often say that I ….

·         In my perfect world, I ….

Once we discuss this information (a good warm up exercise), we then start discussing real goals! Knowing the response to these statements, we can quickly cut through the crap!

Getting to goals is helped by working in time zones.  I like working with 30, 60 and 90 days to get into the habit of breaking the goal into a project.

So, have a go at thinking of your responses to these five statements. It's a good warm up exercise to get your mind activily thinking of goals. 

(And I don’t want to hear “I don’t have goals!” That’s hogwash! We all have dreams, aspirations, hope & desires.)