Do you wake before your alarm?

Do you wake before your alarm?

If you need more sleep, the sound of the alarm isn’t welcomed. However, every person that I’ve asked about setting an alarm, says “it’s the last thing I do before I head off to sleep”.

Do you jump out of bed?

If you’ve had inadequate interrupted sleep – I’m assuming “NO!” is your response! However, most people commented to this questions: “I stay up too late” as their reasoning for not jumping.

Are you excited about your activity schedule when you wake?

What’s your answer to this question? I was surprised by the mixed responses – the continuum varied from “it causes me anxiety” to “what schedule?”

These three questions lead to the subject of ‘meaning & purpose’ in your life. If you can define your life’s mission and are living it, then “yes” should be your response. If you struggle with articulating your mission then set some time aside and work towards a definition.

Make this year exciting by doing what you’re passionate about achieving. It’s time to be accountable for every day.

It’s time to be responsible if you’re a leader (in business, of a family, in your role, in your community) and help others to find their meaning & purpose.

When you find your meaning & purpose, you’ll jump out of bed before the alarm sounds thinking about what you need to do.