Is it only a number?

A friend commented “it’s only a number” about a relative’s age on a cake I had made.  And whilst I flippantly agreed as I have a ‘big’ birthday on the horizon, I have since been agonizing over this simple statement.

I’m feeling quite proud of arriving at this ‘number’ however I’m a little concerned that it will be a silent issue for others – in particular in the workplace.

However, after running 10km this morning as part of a half marathon regime I've had an hour to change my mind-set on this subject.

Age is important. Age provides you a mirror into someone’s life experiences – many of which are successes and many are mistakes – and we know that they only boost our expertise repertoire!

Age is important. Age provides perspective – more situations, more answers and more ideas.

Age is important. The number is a multiplier – for every year there is another layer in our network. Seriously, I can’t keep up with the people in my life!

Be proud of your ‘number’. You don’t need to wear it on your chest, however delve into the digits which host memories, experiences, lessons, relationships and many more valuable offerings which you should share.