What's your favorite communication development tool?

How many tools do you have in your kit bag? Which ones have stood the test of time and always remind you of how simple life can be and makes you realize how complex we make it become! 

Whilst preparing for a little workshop, which a client has written, I've just become reacquainted with the gorgeous Johari Window tool. Now, it has definitely stood the test of time (from the '50s). Whilst I haven't been around that long, I have been reminiscing my first encounter with Johari (almost 28 years ago) and the impact it had on my blossoming 'management' career. 

If you're not familiar with it, go ahead and google it - there's only 283,000 results!

My version of it's usage is simple - its a visual explanation of what you're prepared to share about yourself, what others see in you which you're blind to and what you and others don't know! It's a cracker team building tool as it tests your communication, feedback and self-awareness abilities.

If you haven't used it for a while, take a moment to complete the four quadrants by using the set of adjectives which accompany the tool and ask a few people to help you out. Go on, take 15 minutes to have an honest conversation with yourself and others!

This tool reinforces the role we all play in life - what we role-model, what we reveal about our life, how we help others by providing honest feedback and it also highlights the need to reflect and become more self-aware.

Oh, here's another oldie - MBTI! Oh, I could go on!