Have you rained on someone's parade?

I was waiting to run the #City2Sea in Melbourne and the conversation in my group was centred on 'who isn't here'. It was cold, pouring rain and puddles were appearing. We were all accounted for in our team however we suspected 2000 people wouldn't arrive because of the rain!

More often than not, it's other people who rain on our parade. The unthoughtful quick comment, the doubting facial expression and the killer rejection body language. I often bite my lip when I hear and see other people fall guilty to these practices and thankful that I can catch myself before I follow suit.

I suggest we're all guilty of raining on other peoples' parades; we believe we know best and that we're helping out by advising against others' ideas and I recommend we impose a fine of $100 every time we hear ourselves say "we've tried that before"!

As we age (gracefully & gentlemanly) let's learn to poker face our way through conversations or better still artfully ask questions to help the poor souls decide for themselves if it's a great or grotesque idea / solution. As we we'll know, the learning is in the doing especially the expensive mistakes.

I decree that I won't rain on anyone's parade today!