Understanding Why We're Doing It!

A big take-out during a group discussion yesterday on the subject of CHANGE was the need to understand and communicate 'the Why'. Too often we are the messengers and we don't devour the Why to enable us to regurgitate the Why to those involved.

My kids are getting excited about Halloween. We're planning our outfits, deciding which lollies to buy and what decorations to make and put on the front door. It took my daughter, who's seven, to ask "Mum, why do we celebrate Halloween? (I didn't need to google the answer!) Whilst this was out of curiosity, it did put things into perspective for my smart little girl!

Selling the Why is critical, crucial and criminal if not done successfully. Whether the Why is around developmental, transitional or transformational CHANGE ( it is always about some type of CHANGE), answering the Why is your first role and goal. People need to understand why we're doing it.

A story, facts, benefits, admitting the unknown future positively are all techniques to approach the Why. It's important to consider who's listening to your Why. A story for some, the excitment of the unknown for others.

I do like to show and share Simon Sinek's The Golden Circle, a super 'Why' model which makes sense to everyone who watches the TED talk.

So, what's the Why around your current piece of work, change, behaviour etc? How effective are you in explaining and articulating your Why