Which circle consumes your time & energy?

Draw a circle on a piece of paper – or if you’re digitally minded, on your device. Make it the size of your palm. Inside that circle, draw or write what you can control and do things about. For example, your behaviour.

Then draw a larger circle, one which encompasses the first circle – make it the size of your hand. Between these circle borders, list what you’re concerned about but unable to influence or control. For example, a workplace choosing to close down.

This is Stephen Covey’s ‘Circle of Influence. It’s a useful tool and activity to use to determine your degree of proactivity and reactivity – where you spend your time & energy which affects yours and others’ lives.

I call it “the circle of worry” – we worry so much about stuff which is out of our sphere of control rather than leading what we can, and being GREAT at it.   In your ‘concern’ circle, list the names of people whose behaviour concerns you and causes you to worry. Then in the your ‘influence’ circle list the behaviours or habits which you can apply to affect these peoples behaviours effectively.

The more proactive we are in the use of our time & energy the ‘larger’ your circle of influence will become and the size of your circle of worry/concern will diminish.

Go on, give it a go – be proactive and be consciously in control.