Which role are you playing these school holidays?

It’s school holidays (again) and I’ve decided to just go with the flow! Rather than be in ‘Business Mode’, I’m in ‘Mum Mode’. Business will have to interrupt my time with the hubby (teacher) and kids.

Personal change is tough. It’s a shift in thinking, doing and feeling however it is achievable – people are successful at it all the time. Some planning is required however it’s me (and you) that’s accountable for the doing, thinking & feeling.

Today I’ve outsourced the kids; the hubby has gone to his office which allows me to do a chunk of work. Six uninterrupted hours of bliss!

Over the past two days we went into Melbourne city – whilst I squeezed in an hour of work for a client, the rest of the time my calls went to message-bank and I allowed myself to check my emails & social media periodically. It was easy!

With business aside I was able to be the person who my children and husband needed me to be – their mum and wife. We shopped, walked, ate, played, hopped on & off trams, shopped and had so much fun.

Kids are only kids for so many years. We made a choice to have our kids and it feels right to have the priority right these school holidays. The fun begins again at 4pm!