Who's Accountable for Deciding on our Leadership?

As we spring into Spring – let there be new life in our government. Let’s identify what we do and don't condone, what we expect and decide who we believe will allow and ensure our country prospers.

Unlike the workplace– it’s far more difficult to offload a non-performer. We make a process far more challenging for ourselves by not identifying behaviours with others which are unacceptable and when we finally implode with the stress it’s an uphill battle completing the ‘performance management' procedures.

However, we do have a choice. If the ‘feedback’ route is too uncomfortable and you are being managed rather than being positively ‘lead’ then use our feet. Leaving in a professional manner allows you to enter elsewhere with a limited ‘digital footprint’.

Spring is a happy season; people want to be happy in their environment, workplace and especially when surrounded by family & friends. Now is the season the make some decisions and be accountable: make choices about our country's leadership and the way we allow our life to be led.