Lou's Leadership Views: Help Others Reduce Their Stress

For some, this is a stressful time of year.  In our part of the world, it’s the end of the financial year.

Those who have a concern for the assurance that things have been properly thought out and in meaningful order are in demand, possibly demanding of us and appearing unbending, rigid and nit picking to others.

We only have a few more days of these behaviours and next week there will be a sigh of relief!

However, let’s be mindful of the welfare of those around us: in our team, friends and family who might be suffering. It’s time to ask questions to understand how you can help them or just perform an act of kindness: deliver them their favourite takeaway coffee, complete their tedious activities, arrange to collect their kids – you'll know what concerns them.

 Then there are those who are motivated by the urgency and desire to achieve the appearance of what is unachievable. If you are in this category, take time out to think of your team-mates and how you may be ‘adding fuel to the fire’! Draw on the strengths of being helpful, caring and supportive opposed to being ambitious, persuasive and forceful.

The truth about our behaviour often hurts – we don't receive feedback often enough, which means self-reflection/awareness is necessary to survive our poor performance in our communications and relationship management.

Off you go, help someone minimise their stress and practise some unfamiliar behaviours!