Lou's Leadership Views: SMARTS

Smarts - I really like this word!

I rarely hear it used these days. I wonder why? Have you heard it used? Has anyone said “you've used your smarts”?

I listened to an informative story on the radio regarding a successful Melbourne based business, ANCA, which manufactures computer controlled tools for clients around the world. When asked, the Co-founder/Co-director, Pat Boland, replied to the question: “What can Australian businesses do, he simply said “apply your Smarts”.

What does that mean to you?

Here’s my take:

Stop what you’re doing and review how smart your processes, procedures and approach to your business (Are you the leader?)

Rate how brilliant you are at doing what you do (What are you doing that the competition isn’t?)

Identify the time wasters and make ‘innovation’ time (Who's responsible for innovation?)

Stop thinking & acting local and become global – maximise the digital era and what’s available at your fingertips. (How evident is it to your potential clients of where you're located?)

We can easily apply these four ideas to a small consultancy practice; far more challenging at a larger organisation – but then, you have more head space to create innovative ideas with lots of Smarts!