LOU'S LEADERSHIP VIEWS: How do you address unacceptable behaviour?

I'm speechless. A rarity in my world!

For once, someone, a national leader, takes a stand and uses common sense to address bad behaviour. If you haven't seen it, watch this You Tube of David Morrison Chief of the Australian Army, making a public address (aimed at his people) regarding unacceptable behaviour in the Army.

“I will be ruthless in ridding the Army of people who cannot live up to its values.” This is one of the many breathtaking statements that should make a few folk fearful of their future in the Army due to their unacceptable behaviour.

Why don't we hear or better still see this type of action occurring in our workplaces? There are too many outstanding individuals unable to progress in their career because poor performers are occupying their potential seats. “Moral Courage” is required by all of us to stand up and identify those who demonstrate ‘unacceptable behaviour’.

However, I’m realistic and realise that too many folk are unskilled, lack confidence or experience to take steps to have these courageous conversations. Unfortunately, inaction is also unacceptable. “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

If your organisation doesn't help you, then take it upon yourself and learn how to address unacceptable behaviour.