Do people 'LIKE' your reputation?

The momentum of our on-line reputation is almost immeasurable given the increased usage of social media, apps and the web to share information. Using LinkedIn to recommend a colleague or SlideShare to host useful material for the use of others is a positive move and works to everyone’s advantage.

Conversely, that drunken photo, slip of a tongue comment about the boss or feedback provided at 10.30pm on a Friday night about poor service is captured and stored – ready to be revealed at a click of a finger.  Disadvantageous!

I’m all in favour of social media, I’m actually hooked, and it was great to listen to Gerry McCusker ( talk about ‘on-line’ reputation, last night at the Glen Eira City Council Small Business seminar.  It was a long night as I then lay awake thinking of my reputation.

And to magnify the subject (and stay awake longer), our ‘in person’ reputation is just as important. The way we behave physically and emotionally when in the company of others is reputation creating & crushing – hopefully on the positive side of the ledger!  

People look at us – seeking consistency in our behaviour. If you’re in business, you’d like to think that people would refer us on to others because we’re good at what we do, but in reality, it’s easier to ‘Like’ on-line than it is to acquire a Raving Fan who proactively acts as our agent.

So, it’s time to be more aware and be totally conscious of our reputation. Let’s go out of our way to be better at what we do, take care of our potential raving fans and to embark on our quest to make it easy for people to ‘Like’ us!