Don't leave the celebrations to the side of the casket!

We listen almost every day and read too often of the great things which dead people did ‘in their time’. These are accompanied by accolades, tributes, floral bouquets and even society tabloid spreads reliving their history.

I struggle with the energy released by people, including myself at times, at the conclusion of peoples’ lives especially when the energy wasn't shared or expressed during ‘the good times’. The attendance at funerals, whilst a mark of respect, is somewhat contradictory, especially if there was a void in communication. (I'm provoking you to think!!)

‘Living in the moment’ advocated by Mindfulness practitioners, ‘begin with the end in mind’ shared by the late Dr Stephen R Covey and even some of the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen encourages us to do our best 'now', do better every day however focus on the greatness of the day.

I encounter people, regularly, who are in conflict with their jobs and people in their lives and they tell me they lack the confidence and courage to make a change.

So, my favourite questions are: Considering all the people in your life, who would come to your funeral? What would you expect them to say about you? What would you want to say to them?

Today is the day to talk about what is frustrating you, what you are loving, why today is great and to celebrate life - rather than what it could/should/would is like.

Tomorrow is the day to create some ideas on how you can tweak (one small step can make a huge change) things to live in the moment rather than leave the ‘celebrations’ to the side of the casket.