Do you appreciate customer service?

It’s an old fashioned term for some however I really appreciate customer service and I'm a raving fan when it’s ‘great’ customer service.

So, when you encounter amazing customer service, in your own home town, you really want to yell and scream & share!

Over my long weekend in Melbourne  the services was consistently consistent and only the odd surprise of unwelcome poor service reared its head! I don’t eat out frequently, so when I have to pay for food & service I have great expectations.

This is what worked, consistently:

Rewarding us for attending – being on-time at a function and trying out their service was really appreciated by businesses - they even knew my name!

Going out of their way – making things happen to really make our event special (at no extra cost)

Listening & remembering exactly what we said – yes, they listened to us and we didn't have to repeat ourselves (I think they were eavesdropping!) 

Nothing was an issue – with continuous genuine smiles, we couldn't make that smile budge from their faces – and when we had a few wines (yes, we were on a ‘girls weekend’) I'm sure we were annoying.

In particular, we were very surprised at Myer – their service was superb and George Calombaris’ team at his very new Gazi restaurant treated us like royalty and finally, MECCA – amazing.

Do you have people using these descriptive words in their feedback or commentary about you: good, great, amazing, consistent, continuous? I hope so or you need to take a lead and make it happen!