I'm heading off on a ‘Girls Weekend’ in a few moments. So, I'm just finalising the notes and instructions for the husband, my mum – the Chief Child Minder and a couple of the neighbours!

The large Lasagne is in the fridge for the Minder to take away (payment!) and the kids have just left to go to school with a neighbour. The shopping has been done and a load of washing too!

I'm driving the car to my husband’s work and he’s whipping me around to the train station. Phew! Talk about Project Management!

The Agenda for the weekend is on my website (only for the Champagne Chicks to view) – which has involved a number of planning sessions with the Chief Chic Chick – we’re shopping, going to a Beauty Master Class, dinning at Melbourne’s ‘hot-spots’ and finding all possible Champagne Bars and did I mention shopping? Melbourne – watch out!

So far I haven’t mentioned my business – but what I have highlighted is the support Network in my life (and no doubt like yours) which allows me to do what I love doing in my business.

Valuing your Network is about doing lots of giving, mindful of being helpful ‘in the moment’ and it has that reoccurring return payment in the future – a bit like the movie – Pay It Forward!

Off I go, to have fun as a Champagne Chic Chick, with no responsibilities as I know my network will take over until I return.