Leaders Build The Confidence Of Others

I had to reapply my mascara this morning. I had attended my children’s whole school assembly (coffee in hand – always a long event) and we sat through the catch-up of weekly awards, special subject awards, announcements and then we were entertained by a group of 11-12 year old students singing ADELE's Rolling in the Deep. (Sorry, you'll be singing that in your head now!)

Unaccompanied, except for their school pals, these five girls and one boy had all their moves, lines and tunes well arranged. Whilst there was an air of confidence, they didn't look totally comfortable – however they battled on. When 700 students started clapping when there was a purposeful pause, they paused longer and then kept on singing – so yes, the tears welled!

How many adults would get up in front of their peers and sing (let alone talk) and continue after three audience interruptions? Not many I suspect (especially without the aid of alcohol.)

And, who has a leader in their life who has encouraged them, built their confidence to tackle the impossible? Rather, so many ‘managers’ knock the confidence out of their people by limiting their gratitude, feedback and providing zero opportunities. This is a fine example of the difference between management & leadership!

I hope you’re creating leaders who’re comfortable singing solo while you cheer and sing from the side!