Leaders Facilitate Idea Generation

Leaders facilitate idea generation

It’s hard to imagine life without being attached to a mobile device. We've just celebrated 40 years of the mobile phone being used for the first time – with many prototypes being shelved! Linus Pauling said “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.” And it was one of these ideas which stimulated the many designs of the mobile phone.

Our role and goal in life, in particular if we’re a leader is to stimulate, foster and welcome lots of ideas. Facilitating conversations, meetings and conferences which encourage the light bulbs to go on, is a healthy and exciting environment to be involved and belong to.

To create an idea generation environment, then reflect on what you, as a Leader does and doesn't do to stimulate or deflate these ideas. Consider:

      -What do you call your meetings and where are they held?
      -Who does the talking and listening when ideas are discussed?
      -What equipment and technology do you provide to people to be creative?
      -How do you capture ideas?

      Here’s an idea, have an ‘Ideas Day’ and then discuss how to keep the Ideas momentum.

      Have a Fabulous Friday.