.... Leaders encourage the continuous arrangement of celebrations ....

Gosh, it’s tough focusing on business when it’s the school holidays. The kids are queuing to use the computers, and it’s never the right time to make that important phone call! And to top it off, it’s my daughter Jennifer’s 6th birthday today.

So, a short sharp Blog with my simple message: Celebrate!

Yep, simply celebrate all the special things that happen in life – from being well, being happy, achieving a small milestone, creating success and for us, creating a life.

Today we’re off to one of those ‘Play Centres’ – definitely not my choice but easy to arrange, and  the 12 kids will have a fabulous time celebrating with all things salty, sweet and to top it off those slippery slides!

BIG LEADERSHIP TIP – encourage the continuous arrangement of celebrations – people are more productive and engaged when they are happy, feel wanted and most importantly – made to feel important.