PERSISTENCE – The Body Language of Leadership

It takes great leadership to persist on an issue, to see it through until you (hopefully) succeed.

'Never give up' is the language of a leader! Changing your communication medium to send the same messages, ‘doing as you’re saying’ and being clever in linking and joining activity and messages to your persistent message – all actions to help people follow you.

I have tears in my eyes watching the YouTube clip of the Marriage Bill Act amendment in NZ Parliament (17/4/13)– watching the Politicians being human and congratulating the member who was obviously the leader, moving the followers in her direction. Watch it to feel the gratitude of the persistence!

What issue have you been persistent at making people listen, hear and watch you being so focused about?

It’s not easy being persistent – but those that do, don’t tire, they may annoy others however gain respect for their tenacity, belief, values and leadership.

Today, watch the people and future leaders around you – do they have the body language of leadership?