International Women’s Day – Celebrate THE WOMENHOOD

This is a day that I ‘toast' all the women who inspire me and those whom I inspire!

Earlier this morning I attended a breakfast with about 100+ women and some men folk in the outer burbs of Melbourne and was immediately captivated by great messages shared by Sandra Sully, a legend in the media world in Australia.

It was a magical surprise to hear LEADERSHIP utter from her lips navigating a journey to a new world -  highlighting how women around the globe succeed because they have courage, passion, use their smarts and know to unite to make things happen. On the flip-side Sandra reminded me that we still live in a world where there is workplace bullying, violence against women, not enough women on boards and we still have ‘boys clubs’.

One particular mention was that women can be our own worst enemies. That we don’t support each other (enough) and in fact we can be far more competitive than our male folk because it’s harder for us to ‘get ahead’.

So, let’s unite, focus on the positives and support each other on our respective risky journeys as we struggle & juggle our daily lives and realise that we inspire each other and need to take time out and celebrate being women.

Cheers to all the women in my life (and the men who support us).