MAster Reoccuring CHallenges

Which challenges do you face regularly that you tag as your ‘reoccurring nightmares or dilemmas’? They repeat in your head and are felt emotionally and physically – enough to make some of you feel overwhelmed and unwell?

Why do we allow these challenges to worry us and why do we avoid confronting them? Is it the fear of the consequence, the unknown or is it the ‘how to’?

As a suggestion – approach March as your ‘MAster Reoccurring CHallenges’ month. These challenges must be existent – you’re able to qualify or even quantify the challenge. Keep an eye on this space and I will share models, lessons and ideas to guide you to ‘MASTER REOCCURING CHALLENGES’ during March.

TASK ONE: Write down responses to the following question: What do I want to do/tell/ask/be and believe is impossible to accomplish?