Top Right Quadrant

In our pursuit for excellence, we are always aiming to ‘land’ or to be placed in the ‘top right quadrant’ of any model. (Imagine a four grid quadrant – high-high on both axis descriptors.)

This month, we've been focusing on MARCH, 'Master Reoccurring Challenges' and it’s time to move to the top right quadrant of our FEAR model.

In summary: identify the fear or fault, review and edit our mind talk activity, establish skill training to combat and bolster the physical ability and finally measure for results.

The top right quadrant is about being consistent – being predictable. That’s what followers are attracted to in a leader. It may be hard work, continually practising to form a new habit, but for us observers we want to trust, respect and admire someone who won’t disappoint us.

Mastery is beyond the quadrant – once you've tackled the quadrant activity & ability, attaining regular consistent results, you can springboard from that point, feeling satisfied that the original challenge is now a quest fulfilled.