One of my activities today is preparing for a lunch which I am facilitating this Friday. Its focus is to highlight and discuss the benefits of leading healthy practices in the workplace. A couple of notable speakers will lead the discussion with my role and goal is to keep the luncheon lively!

Interestingly enough, I’m working on a workbook for a Facilitation program which I offer – so I have ‘facilitation’ at the forefront of my brain. I’m deliberating on my approach; which techniques and tools to utilise to support the guests in achieving their interest and involvement at the lunch.

Facilitation is a strength which all leaders and SMEs can continue to develop. From my experience some folk have a good flair however the majority have to work at it to gain positive feedback. Done right, facilitating a conversation can save time, make money by generating amazing ideas, plans and strategies; build relationships and help folk discover their passionate genes!

Whether you’re facilitating a group of 30 or three, these tips make meetings productive:

  • Consider the questions you want to ask and ask for questions your group want answered. 
  • Delegate roles to ensure the outspoken are kept busy and the quieter ones have the opportunity to contribute.
  • Capture information visually and share it electronically immediately.

I will add a few more practises and tips to my site over the next few days. Maybe you have your own tips you’d like to share – these are generally the best: ‘tried & tested’!