Do you have the Ability to Learn?

Our ability to learn a new approach, skill, procedure, sport – whatever – will depend on our mind's activity and our physical approach to do something about it.

Today I cracked the 10km run – I’ve been training (learning) for eight months and it finally occurred this morning at 7am (it took about 75 minutes – which meant an early start). It was easy (famous last words) but I have been working on it for months. Running in a group, pushing ourselves, encouraging each other, sharing tips & ideas has paid off.  

How often do we ‘try’ something and when it doesn’t work immediately, we are reluctant to try it again. Whether it’s making a pitch to the boss or board, retrenching employees or avoiding sugar in our diet – it takes physical practise.

If we involve others in our learning, we increase our accountability; having a resource willing to support the learning and increases our chances of making the change stick. However, we must be mindful that we all learn differently but don’t allow that to be an excuse!

To Make Reoccurring Challenges extinct then commit to asking for help to learn. My FEAR model is purely a piece of scribble – it takes people to bring it alive.