I generally work with adults who want to do/tell/ask/be something that they are currently not!

After we’ve established through a review or analysis of this physical inability we then climb the ladder of their ‘mind activity’. We establish the conversations which are reoccurring (in their head) and those comments made by others which we have some mystical psychic ability to hear!

With all this on the table, what do you do? Here are a few lessons that I find are simple and work:

1.       Only act on what is said by others rather than react to what is thought to be said. The ‘act’ may be a question to clarify or a request for more information.

2.       The use of ‘affirmations’ to see the possible opposed to the impossible. For example: I will be positive in the office today. Or, I will finish my project today. Here’s a great site for affirmation rules.

3.       When you are writing an email, a tweet, a Blog or any form of communication, read it aloud or ask someone else to read it to ensure that it adds value, is clear and is not negative. We often regret what comes from our mind to fingers than our mind to mouth!

4.       Coffee Conversations work a treat – take someone for a coffee and discuss what’s on your mind – ask for advice and hear another point of view. Understand that a stressed brain is challenged and is less likely to fix problems (Brain Rules, John Medina).

This area of change needs a few days of focus – maybe even weeks. However, when you successfully edit your mind play, you are then ready to move to your physical ability – to learn the skills to conquer your challenge.