LOU'S LEADERSHIP VIEWS: How creative are you?

I often hear myself say, “ I'm not very creative!” Which I know isn't totally correct. To begin with, I design learning events, sessions and material, secondly I think I'm very fashionable and finally, I don’t use PowerPoint!

However, I do feel less about my creativity when I join in conversations with fellow MOOC colleagues who continue to fascinate me with the tools they use to share their learning’s. Here are a few examples of tools which I encourage you to explore and experiment with if you STILL use PowerPoint:

1.       VideoScribe is a way to create engaging animated videos quickly and easily. It’s like someone graphically scribing – but it’s not! Check out  www.sparkol.com

2.       Wallwisher.com is a space to capture information, discuss subjects anywhere any time  (I'm using it to create a ‘learn to sew’ session for school kids which I've volunteered to do.)

3.       Pearltrees.com is a collaborative library – like a tree (or a mind map) you can take pearls (web information, notes, photos) from other trees and attach to your tree – generally of similar interests. I've just started to explore this pearler!

4.       Prezi.com is your replacement of PowerPoint – hopefully you've uncovered it and using it. If not – go there now! It’s a cloud based presentation tool – people love it!

Some tools are free and others need an investment. In this digital world you have so many options that you'll find one that suits you or your team.  Here’s a suggestion: ask your team to explore and experiment with these four tools – encourage them to be creative!