We’re at the end of another month – Yikes! A short one, but, that was expected.

I’m not sure about you, but I like to look back and check what I’ve achieved, completed, started, failed at (miserably) and like most Practice operators, check the bank balance!

If we look in the rear-view mirror, we can review the facts, analyse the consequences of our choices – a key component of the following months planning.

If you can identify the quadrant of activities that really accelerated your effectiveness and increased the outcomes, then repeat that in March. The tough task is agreeing with you, your team and partners, is what to stop – the quadrant which is occupied with time-wasters, inefficiencies, repeat offenders and zero dollar earners.

I’ve marked a couple of hours in my calendar today to evaluate the month of February 2013 and to review my current plan and activities for March 2013. I want to be ready to wake tomorrow and be in a position to ‘just do it’!

If you are staring blankly at this screen and thinking “easy for you Louise”, then maybe you need a Coach, a Mentor or even some tough Skills Coaching. People who can do it, have done it and in business to support you to be more effective.