It's Time To Celebrate Life!

In many peoples' lives, now is a joyous season; a time to celebrate life. They have perfected the art of celebration - with food, special music, social gatherings, writing and gift giving.

Whereas, some folk believe this whole celebration 'thing' is either passe or inconvenient - what with the social gatherings, gift purchasing and working to a tight time-frame of 24th December.

I believe that this time of year, no matter what your religous beliefs are, is perfect to stop and reflect and to be thankful for what you have and in particular who you are sharing life with! Yep - your work colleagues, your partner, neigbours, kids, parents - you get my drift?

Celebrating life is a choice - you could winge and worry or you could be proud of your achievements and simply be happy.

I celebrated the year with a group of friends yesterday - we all operate our own business. It was so special to have fun and chat and get enthused about the new year ahead based on all the great work we'd created in 2013.

Here's a few things to celebrate:

  • your health - be happy with what works and plan to fix the fautly components
  • your family - you can't choose your family, but you can celebrate the great memories 
  • your friends - you can choose your friends so create moments to celebrate
  • your passions - uncovering what you love doing (don't waste your time on stuff that stresses you negatively)
  • your future - enjoy sharing your dreams, plans & goals - don't keep them a secret

Now, how you celebrate is another thing. For me, it's surrounding myself with food, bubbles & special people!