Like most people in business, I encounter new people on a regular basis.  At the onset, they appear unique, in their appearance, their history and demeanour.  However, as the relationships strengthen I'm surprised that so many people 'sound' similar. For example, I recently mentally noted the frequency of these statements uttered by people :

I think I want to do something different with my life - but I'm not sure what!

Maybe when I grown up, I'll work out what I am meant to be doing with my life! 

If only I had some time, I would find the inspiration to change what I'm doing! 

What about you; when did you last hear these types of statements? Or, are you comforted knowing that there are other people feeling and voicing these same sentiments? If we're honest, many of us aren't satisfied with the status quo however 'doing something about it' is the challenge! It's too easy to enter the freeway of life - using the same exit and entry points rather than taking a detour or being radical and selecting a new route. 

Driving Your Life is a program which will appeal to people who make these statements and for those people you know who just need the time to focus on themselves, rather than everyone else! We create the dynamic atmosphere for a group of individuals who want to focus on their life's passion & purpose. 

One of the first activities we complete is identifying peak moments in our life. We can learn so much about ourselves from our past - however we don't do it ... enough. Go on, you can start yourself by reflecting on your peak moments in life!

Our first program kicks off in November in Melbourne and we're taking registrations now. 

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