Personal Best

Do you reflect? You know, stop and review what you’ve done, or, better still – completely do nothing to allow your mind to rewind?

Do it now. Sit down, go for a walk, but clear yourself of distractions. Now, take a few minutes to find a time in the past few months which you can identify with as a time when you were doing your best: whether it was at your profession, a sport, being a parent or even a student - some type of activity which you excelled.

This quick action can be considered benchmarking.  For example I always measure my running distances & times, reflecting on how and why I was able to run that extra 500 meters!  If it’s feedback from clients & participants, what specifically worked best for them – what did we do to gain momentum?

As you plan for 2013, bounce off your personal best benchmarks and set goals which are all stretching.  Our bodies and minds are amazing machines – program them well and watch them excel and beat your Personal Best!