Lou's Leadership Views: Have you completed a MOOC?

A new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) commenced yesterday and I’m telling you, it’s not for the faint-hearted! There are over 200,000 people registered, it’s all about collaboration with the expectation to discuss and share your experiences along the way. They encourage people to use all mediums so we’re seeing the use of Facebook, Pinterest, Evernote, Twitter, Google docs, to name a few, to connect and talk about what they expect to learn!

Hold on, we haven’t even started and people have formed groups and discussing their excitement about being involved in this (FREE) course (‘ELearning and Digital Cultures’) -some discussions commenced two months ago! In the past 72 hours, there has been an avalanche of communication – people introducing themselves on every possible version of social media – I’m gobsmacked!

I believe for some, if anything, they will learn how to use social media communication mediums, the most effective applications which help you organise your life (learning) and some will meet people in parts of the world they never knew existed!

I recently completed my first MOOC which was hosted by Venture & Stanford University (Designing a New Learning Environment) and it was ten weeks of lectures, assignments and a team activity. It was an eye-opener; I learnt more about global ‘learning’ communication than I did about the course subject!

So, what will the next five weeks look like for me? Who knows, but I am game to indulge, experiment and enjoy the journey. We do live in a ‘digital’ age,  things are changing while we sleep and as a Leadership Quest  Thought Leader, one must gain first-hand experience and practise my practice speak!