While running this morning, I planned my day, conscious that ‘the family’ are still at home and I have a Practice to lead. I’m realistic with the day (and night), separating it into categories of usefulness

Interruption Time: When the kids are at home, I select items which will involve them or do things which can be easily interrupted. These include the household chores, cooking, social media scanning, brainstorming & designing draft ideas and even Blogging! I even make time to just be Mum!

Interruption Free: Then there is the category of time which is definitely interruption free. Today I have three hours of it! I have one ‘big thing’ to complete and I’ll be very happy if it’s achieved. However, if I take a call or start reading an article in this time, I am ‘abusing’ my time. It’s an absolute misuse of what I should be totally focused at doing.

Workplace Abuse: In the workplace, I would hazard a guess that we abuse 50% of our time. In particular, where there is poorly planned open-plan work spaces, where there isn’t an adequate amount of ‘quiet areas’. My favourite is the ill-prepared or unscheduled meeting – which could have been conquered in 10 minutes or via another communication medium. This is an abuse of the employee’s time which they are being paid to work. (Of course there are the 5% who have perfected the skill of zoning!)

 Personal Abuse: We are our own worst enemies. We sabotage our productive time with ‘things’ which don’t add any value to our lives or those close to us. We daydream, we scan our devices, and we live others’ lives rather than be productive in our own.

BIG TIP: The easiest approach to determine if you use or abuse your time is to keep a journal of what you do 24/7 (yes, including sleeping) for a 14 day cycle. Understand yourself first and sort your day & night to be far more effective than you think you currently are!

 So, the question is, What are you doing reading this Blog? Which category of usefulness are you in?