2013 Quest

OK, so you’ve survived the NYE celebrations; taken the first day of the year to rest and possibly potter around and uncover stuff - however today is ‘the day’ to start your Quest.

Often associated with games and mythological activities, a Quest is big, fat and hairy. You’ve got to see it, draw it, plan it, share it, debate it and actually do it.

It may be personal, it may involve a group, career related or your whole life may be entangled in you Quest.

Generally, a Quest will involve conquering something: to gain control, respect, confidence are three simple examples of the Quest outcome. When I work with people who dream of being a better manager, their quest is often focused on building respect with employees; involving strategies to build consistent, reliable and effective leadership behaviours.

Take time out and dream, draw, debate and do something to understand what your Quest is in 2013.