Operating a business requires constant attention – you’re always thinking about your practice. It’s difficult to switch off, even on holidays! Actually, when you consider the responsibilities, you never do go on holiday alone, you take your practice with you! It’s probably a downside for many business owners. Or, is it?

I’ve decided to hang the ‘Open for Business’ sign outside my office and attempt to work (given there is a major distraction of two children, one husband and lots of friendly neighbours) and get creative with a couple of new programs. When a colleague asked a fabulous question last week at our planning day, “What do you love doing all day?” it immediately switched my ‘reset’ button and I moved into ‘creative design’ mode – my Mojo had arrived for 2013!

If you love what you do in your practice, how can you not be ‘open for business’? It’s like not loving your kids for a couple of weeks!

ACTION: Hang that sign out and let your clients and your team know that you’re ‘open for business’ – it’s unpractised common sense!