Our world (Melbourne) stops on two days every year – AFL Grand Final (Football) and The Melbourne Cup (Racing). They are great ritual days – friends and family gather, choice of clothing is important, food & refreshments are critical and at a particular time, your attention is 110% focused on what’s happening – do not change the conversation!

Rituals evolve and are customised in all aspects of life. In business, they create the culture and will influence the climate. They set the tone of team-work and enable new members to understand how things work ‘around here’.

In your Leadership Quest, you have an obligation to spell out the rituals to engage followers; whether it is how birthdays are celebrated or how the achievements of project milestones are awarded. You also have the opportunity to change your workplace by suggesting and gaining agreement on new rituals – if so, make small changes along the way to make them stick.

If you’re in Melbourne, enjoy the Grand-final: meat pies, beer, the half-time entertainment and of course, ‘the game’. My day’s ritual involves some quiet shopping – never any queues and the store keepers are bending-over-backwards to gain a sale!