What MOTIVATES People?

I just invested a few hours helping out a supplier of a profile assessment tool (Personal Strengths - SDI) which I use to support clients establish a better understanding of their people’s MOTIVATION which enables them to then shape a better workplace. It was so refreshing to chat to people (mostly HR folk – given it was HRizon World Congress) and listening to what’s happening in their workplace.

There was loads of interest in the understanding of what differentiates the SDI tool to others being promoted, however what really surprised me was their genuine interest to discover the uniqueness of tapping into the MOTIVATIONS of people – delving beyond and below behaviours.

Dan Pink (author of Drive) was in attendance and he had the heads nodding in agreement with his workplace (and life) message – find out What MOTIVATES Us! It would appear we’re singing from the same ‘hymn sheet’! We’ve understood for some time the need to tap into what MOTIVATES people and it’s great to be reminded. (His book sold out! A few people needed reminding!)

So, as you prepare for your next encounter with your team or your boss, consider how you might find out about their MOTIVATION thingy – it might work for you!