Make A Lifestyle Change Stick

Do you do goals? Do you set challenging goals – thoes that make you feel uncomfortable and at times, vulnerable?

If you seriously want to lead a quest to make a lifestyle change stick, advance from the status quo, progress your career & life and be the differentiator - then goals are your companion.

You can google how to set goals, that’s the easy step in the process; what is challenging is affirming the Why why do you want and need to achieve the goal? When you have this clearly articulated then it’s time to get cracking. (If you need help with the Why – check out Simon Sinek on TED Talks – How great leaders inspire action.)

There are three activities to enact the goals which will enable you to live the Why:

1.       Every day, think, feel and talk the vision – create for yourself and others what it will be like when the goal is achieved. Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple was a key-note speaker at HRizon World Congress in Melbourne this week – he talked about how he simply turned his creative thoughts into a product.

2.       “Take yourself up onto the balcony and check what’s happening on the dance floor” – a metaphor coined by Ron Heifetz, Harvard University (Leadership without easy answers) – encourages us to regularly view the daily operations and in my view, it’s checking for a reoccurrence of the behaviour which is preventing the achievement of the new goal.

3.       Celebrate the milestones along the way – review which intricate changes have been made and in the height of the merriment, make the challenges even greater for the next milestone with the promise of a reward!

Whilst jogging this morning, I kept setting new goals (the furthest tree I could see). I was concentrating on listening to my breathing, correcting it along the way with the vision of fitting comfortably into the little black dress in 14 days’ time – so I can sip the rewarding Champagne!