Conquer The Podium

Palm cards, extra deodorant, red suit and a glass of water – I’m prepared to make a speech before a group of women regarding my pet subject. At the precise moment of being introduced, I felt like a fraud – I could sense the loathing of the women in the room and their unspoken disbelief. I tried to be rational, realising some women would disagree with some of my views and some may have the gumption to rise from their seat and leave the room. I’m rigid and I freeze!

Have you experienced these thoughts, feelings, emotions and lack of motion? Or does your stomach and intestines rule your body and it’s a dash to the toilet before you reach the podium?

You’re not alone. There are statistics which will make you feel worse!

STOP! These are all unnecessary body and mind activities and the energy is best used with strategies and actions to conquer the podium and get people listening to you.

 Here are three approaches to consider:

1.       Use Affirmations – exercise your mind, get it thinking positively to the degree of writing a few statements on those ‘palm cards’ – I am a success.

2.       Eat Sensibly – an apple will settle your stomach, pineapple juice will clear your throat and avoid dairy e.g. milk will create the mucus in your throat.

3.       Practise – know what you’re saying when – it’s your pet subject, so it’s working with the structure of your speech - knowing the paragraph openings, when your stories kick in a tone which conveys “LISTEN TO ME!”

There are many more tips, approaches and strategies – maybe it’s time to do something about it!