Prepare Your Christmas Project Box

Three months until Christmas Day. Gulp! Let’s make that easier for you – 90 days of planning, practise and performance.  Yikes – maybe not!

It’s O.K.  Just as we manage in our professional life, you know, breaking everything into measurable quarters – so too can you carve up your personal life into a series of project boxes. Action: Find a permanent marker and write ‘Xmas Day Project’!

In general, every box has to-do lists, allocated budgets and the script for anticipated challenges and my favourite, the games people play! “Who’s going to be first dressed for school?” is often heard in our home – especially when the kids are struggling to wake and fulfil their morning chores! Some plan their wardrobe the night before, practising buttoning is an Olympic sport and the best performer gets the award at the end of the week (an extra item with their lunch order)!

In business, my all-time favourite cliché is ‘Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail’ – the ability to count the number of days available, allocate activities per day, anticipate the number of ‘down days’ and be creative with accolades and communication - all pretty easy stuff, however some folk don’t open their box!

Let the countdown begin and enjoy the project that makes most people very happy!