What's your Leadership Quest?

We’re all on a journey – some of us have a good inkling where their path is leading them, others have a vague idea (generally they live day to day) and some, like me, are on a quest – searching for something significant at the end of the trail. In my case, it’s the nirvana of Leadership – something which will enable me to share my knowledge of ideal models and research suggesting the type of ideas which will develop within my clients the ability to achieve the highest level of success in their business and personal lives.

The quest, be it similar to mythical historical literature or a long arduous search for something missing in life, is no simple ‘walk in the park’. It may come with some glory at the end; however, it’s the experiences gained throughout the journey that will leave an indelible mark on life’s path.

My leadership quest continues and whilst I’ve arrived at many destinations and the peak has been awesomely close to what I’d imagined, there is always the desire to move forward  and seek out the next best thing,  and this occurred  only last week. I completed a week long learning program entitled ‘Thought Leaders’( you can check it out at www.mattchurch.com) which helped me identify a new path (process) to follow, enabling me to define my delivery of a quality Leadership Quest Practice.

If you’re on a learning journey, seeking out a training program (which was my choice) is one option for development. Another option could be seeking out a Mentor, someone who has already reached their potential and can advise you and take you along the path toward achieving your quest. Perhaps volunteering to take on a challenging task or activity within your role could be the answer to gaining additional management skills. Whichever path you take, my Leadership Quest Guide offers ideas on how to approach the journey.