Friday Rituals

What are your Friday Rituals? A shared Morning Tea, a team lunch or do you head off early?

It’s a question I frequently ask groups which I facilitate or people I coach & mentor. Knowing these rituals crystallises the leadership being practised in the workspace and the emotions that are targeted.

In my corporate life, I recall a communication ritual – which was implemented at a suggestion of a team member - No Emails On Fridays! It took most by surprise, it was an easy change for some (the older gentleman who were reluctant to email!) and a conquest for some who in particular had to deliver difficult news – it’s easy to hide behind a screen! However, the outcome after weeks of reinforcing the message was engagement. Conversations were being had and even the video-conferencing mechanism became popular. The message was out “we don’t email on a Friday – we talk!”

Rituals define the team: how they operate, celebrate and even orientate its members.  Consider your ‘family team’ – the rituals that you expected as you grew up – my mother always takes the family out for lunch on each person’s birthday – you just know not to do anything else!

In your Quest for Leadership, consider the rituals you create and those that you foster or follow. These can be the building blocks of engagement, effectiveness and enthusiasm or a reinforcement of the dangerous territory of inconsistency – giving mixed messages to your team.

Make this a significant Friday - take particular note of what happens, identify your rituals and determine if they confirm how you wish things to happen.